November Updates + Trying to Webcam Myself

it feels strange to webcam myself

Almost - DNCE
the list goes on but the list wont be displayed in this post.
Currently Reading
Monsoon Tiger & other stories by Rain Chudori: Actually I bought the book right after it released but got time to read just now.
The Year of The Voiceless by Okky Madasari
King Shopping Louis & 38 Task Force: Both starred by Seo In Guk and I like how he portrait different character. Brave! He became so childish in King Shopping Louis but it's such a cute drama with good fashion taste. While 38 task Force got me nerves and it is beautiful. I love twist plot.
And for I Remember You/ Hello Monster, I watched it till the end but it's so classic.
Volunteered for Jogja International Heritage Walk (JIHW) as admission & Coordinator for Tokopedia Sharing Session at my campus! SO fun yet challenging. I learned so much yet I feel exhausted become volunteer for JIHW the post regarding my Volunteering Day will be up in few days :)