Tired Day and Trying to Chill with Lays

The answer of your:
What happened in JAFF, why didn't you come?
And what happened to your face?
is here!

That day right after class I and Nabila went to Empire XXI to get my Prenjak ticket but when I got there I decided not to get mine cause if I do I will left Nabila alone for 2.5 hours straight. So we asked the committee whether we can buy the another ticket for the rest of the show, they said that we can buy the tickets after there isn't long queue anymore. So, cause we were very hungry we ordered food, I go for the highly doubt sausage and fried potato while Nabila went for Churros. We waited an hour and voila the committee changed their mind again. They said that the ticket only for those who queued an hour before movie starts, yadA.

Then we went to have our lunch near Empire but too crowded so decided to Jogja City Mall and we went to bookstore, stayed there for hours then Nabila accompany me shopping and be my personal assistant stylist. I ended up buying clothes that I sold to Nabila cause after I bought I think I won't  wear that :(

Right after I finished my shopping I decided to do grocery store and yada yadAa Lays help me to look happy! although you can see how tired I am, thanks Lays :)