The Boring Choice - A Movie Review + Spoiler of La La Land

When I watched La La Land last year, it was beautiful but I feel a little touch of pessimistic. I think it's beautiful because I like movie with touch of arts, but this just overrated for me. The plot was cliche;

  • Guy met girl
  • Both annoyed each other
  • Both fell in love
  • Become cutest couple
  • Got problem
  • Uncertain about future
  • Both still loves each other, but decide to move on towards different direction
  • Then either of them decide to settle with someone else

And to make it more depressing, there's usually a scene when they meet for one last time & exchange knowing, bittersweet look & end. But this could be ended with happy formula such as in Titanic. This kind of movie, I call it cerita cinta ga kesampaian.

Life is complicated, it's not always guy meets girl, fall in love, together till the end. But there are some of lucky people who experienced that, even so, their lives aren't always be filled with love and happiness. In life, things that seem destinied to be together often don't end up being together. It's bitter, but it's reality :)

In this post, I will talk about a character that shows up in a middle of "cinta ga kesampaian" movie, I call it The Boring Choice, wrapped in a suit, old, busy, serious, kind but boring, not the least romantic and doesn't understand arts. He's not attractive & the purpose of his existence is to make the audience conflicted, "ngapain dia sama cowo itu? mending sama tokoh utama yg lebih charming lah!" and eventually marry the main female character & audience tends to dislike him, "coba gada dia.."

But do you think it's The Boring Choice fault? Do you think it's fair if we say that The Boring Choice is a villain who gets the way between two lead charcter when actually it's usually not The Boring Choice's fault that two lead character breaks apart. Their relationship got complicated because their own fault, their condition made it.

As bitter as things turn out, I never pity the lead character marriage with The Boring Choice in the end because I'm sure it's perfectly fine and content. The female lead character marry their Boring Choices mindfully & it seems their character was made with lot of consideration, not full of emotion or find a rebound.

Maybe Mia's husband isn't as passionate as Seb but Mia decided to marry him, I'm sure they are decent husband and they will have a happy, content family together. Flaming love biasanya akan meredup dan prioritasnya tergeser oleh  komitmen dan tanggung jawab, so I guess choosing spouse that can commit and be responsible, maybe isn't romantic but it will keep the marriage enduring. hehe, sok tau yah.