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for every word that bleeds,
for every sins that I did,
and silence that speak

a never ending surprise,
an emphasizing of the moment,

poles, roles, fores

your pointy nose,
wavy hair,
super tan skin,



Crying Isn't Solution, but.. Really?

I have no one to talk, but I want to at least cry because the pressure that I have.

I kept telling mini me not to cry just because my favorite teacher told me that crying isn't a solution. Well, that's true. So, I became one of the "I should be crying but I just can't let it show" type but..

#np everglow by coldplay


A Day In November

My boyfriend went to my place last month. I mean, he came to see me since we are apart.

We ate ceker or chickens' feet. And I asked him to buy some to eat at his place because it was sooo delicious. We ate and we laughed and while I was eating, my boyfriend cleaned his clothes. He kept cleaning the room, searching for another piece of clothes although it was clearly clean. I looked at him and kept eating while watching movies and playing with my iPad. Then he asked:
Him: "Sayang, ngga mau bantuin aku beres - beres ta ?"
Me: lirik him and put my iPad down
Me: "Sini, sayang aku bantuin berantakin bajunya biar ngga usah pulang."
And silence.

Last night he told me this story, which I think I know why he became sooo sad after that. Not he, but us. See you next year xx.


Him (1/sth)

He told me not to cry when he got back to his hometown. But, I can't. I tried to hold but it just break. Sorry, I couldn't do what you've asked me to.

I can no longer hold the tears that fill my eyes, I miss him so much.

I felt his absence. It was like waking up one day with no teeth in your mouth. You wouldn't need to run to the mirror to know they were gone. The feeling is just the same as him.

It may sounds exaggerating but you don't understand it unless you've been in it, unless you felt it. It's like set of arrows hit your chest after listening to each other's voices plus a good night. And you start wondering how a good night can feel like a good bye.

Sometimes, your eyes start to fill up with tears because it's bittersweet feeling. Because when you hang the phone up, you are alone again.

This may sound cheesy but, there will be some posts that talk about him. The one who fill the half of me, d.