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Tampilkan postingan dengan label œuvre. Tampilkan semua postingan


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For me Ziarah tells, that memory is truly ours.

Jangan sampai kita membiarkan ingatan kita tentang seseorang atau sesuatu terkontaminasi oleh suara orang. Jika kita mengenang sesuatu, kenanglah sesuai dengan ingatan kita secara personal. Cause if we believe something sweet, then sweet it is. Apapun yang terjadi setelahnya, tidak ada hubungannya dengan kenangan kita. Keep, cherish that moments and move on!


Tired Day and Trying to Chill with Lays

The answer of your:
What happened in JAFF, why didn't you come?
And what happened to your face?
is here!


Another Video

A Video

When you were down, I was on the up. I comforted you and told you everything will pull through. When I was the one who was weak, you’re the one who was strong. You convinced me that this is the right journey to take, and we cannot turn back now.

And that’s how we got here, D :)


Introducing You, My

This was for my midterm paper for Creative Thinking, which I need to make a motivational poster. I don't think this is the best that I can do since this just too plain. But, I love the typography (not because the idea was from my boyfriend).

My first poster which is too plain.
The main purpose is, to make children brush their teeth. That's why I put Batman as the main and the only character, Batman known as hero so I hope it affects kids.

My second poster. I don't have any explanation for the typography, since I just pick which fonts fit this poster well. The girl behind the window represent the 'Don't hide' sentence. And there's pile of books which represent the more books. Ok, it should be with S. lol

I made this just because I want my producer photo looks different. And a little touch of dylies.

Yay, my attempt on magazine cover.
Plain yet I like it.


Ok, if you know all I did is only fonts and drag pictures. I need to learn more.
Software that I use mostly Portable Photoshop 8 & Corel Draw X4

visit: Mine and Dion's



What is œuvre?
according to Wiktionary, the complete body of an artist's work, or their works in a particular category.
Basically, this tag is about my artwork which can be my videos, pictures, collages, drawings & stuffs. I like doing things related those stuffs, which is arts.

Well, the picture above is my work for ICT's web project. I got the pictures from my friends, so I don't own the copyrights. And it's quite simple to make, just crop the pictures and drag to the new layer it does apply for the picture below.

Since the first time I surfed people's blog, I really like to see someone's page that full of pictures. Then I buy an slr camera which I haven't try to make great shoots.

I'd like to take pictures more, hang with friends more often, & write as much as I could. And of course, chare it to my blog. But, since I have to prepare myself to an examination next two weeks so I have to study harder than before.

Then, that's all probably.
Ps: lately, there are cats live di atap kamar aku, which I can't stand. Mereka berisik bgt, sumpah.


An Instagram Post This Morning (Sancaka Pagi)

Back to school after skipping 3 days.
& this was my first time riding train by myself.
(Taken by my phone & uploaded in Instagram)

ps. yesterday, a rector from a university that I apply asked me my blog's url. So I gave her mine. And I guess I need to write although it's only a little like this. And I hope I get accepted to all university that I have applied, so it's not hard for me to find any. Because nowadays, smart is not the only key to get accepted. There are some things to be considered, eg: luck, hard work, prayer & strategies.