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Day 2 - Ten Likes and Dislikes

Today my curiosity filled, cause I got my ittaherl shoes. I was curious how comfortable this shoes was, cause I follow the_widira_s and she said that this shoes is comfortable and love to buzz this shoes. So, I got my Cloud Volan and it is just fine and I like the design it's classy and unique, compared with any other mules shoes, I like this one better sih.

Anyway, let's just go to day 2 challenge!


Doing Writing Challenge!

One of my intention of having a nice laptop, camera and internet connection was to be more active in doing my job and to have at least one picture taken by me in every post. Writing is something I want to pursue cause I have to.. but it has been awhile for me to stop writing so I will do a challenge to make sure I keep writing more and more, thus to trigger myself!

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Speaking of 30 Day Challenge, next month I will be doing my KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata) which I have to live in rural area to help people there.. challenging I know! And after that I will be doing my intern in Yogyakarta (the moment i'm writing this I don't know which company accepted my offer, I did refuse interview in one company from Australia cause I already am in Surabaya.. so..). I will do my challenge starting from today and I hope I can do it till the last day!