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This post supposedly going to be featured on my monthly updates on youtube but I decided I just will do monthly update both writing and speaking since I'm lack confidence in those two things while actually the key to be a Public Relations is to at least be a good writer or a speaker. Quoted from Mas Aries Nugroho who gave me superb lecture when I visited Ogilvy Public Relations. He definitely a great story teller!

At the end of Feb after I'm back from study visit, I got myself to watch Salawaku, I first know this movie when I read the list of JAFF movies that will be showed. Salawaku was the opening movie, so I guess it must be very cool and cinematic cause the theme of JAFF 2016 was Islanscape, I was curious and questioning what kind of movie is this.

Look up at the youtube and the cinematography is on point, my artsy side wakes but because JAFF 2016 management was just suck (imo, you can read why in here) I was just mad and dont want to watch any JAFF movies because I just got that bad image form JAFF.

Nevertheless my curiosity finally got the answer, I got chance to watch Salawaku free cause my friend got ticket for me. The whole movie was beautiful, thought the language different makes me question and the jokes that I think it is reasonable but it doesn't make me laugh as much as my friends do (cause I go my own type of jokes) but it is beautiful, Salawaku successfully portraits the beautiful side of Maluku which makes me want to go there someday and the sound is on point, even I can feel how cold that night was when Saras (Karina Salim) unfortunately the transition goes from very dark to super bright so it hurts my eyes.

At the end of movie, everyone was rushed to take picture with Elko Kastanya (who portrait Salawaku) and beautiful Karina Salim. I'm very pleased to meet her, not only cause she's super pretty, and nice but I know she's a hard worker girl and smart. I know her since she's starred Joko Anwar's movie Durable Love and since then followed her on twitter. I actually did take picture with her before the movie start at toilet which I turned into squid next to her..

Anyway, when everyone rushed to take picture with the stars, I got time to ask the director, Pritagita Arianegara, what is actually the meaning of Salawaku itself. Cause I believe Salawaku is more than "hidup itu cuma tentang meninggalkan dan ditinggalkan?" and turns out (this maybe a spoiler for you, but) here's the asnwer,

"membandingkan antara isu kehamilan diluar nikah yang dihadapi oleh anak kota besar, ada yang menyendiri sedangkan ada yang berusaha mengatasi -- ia butuh orang utk mengahdapi. Kalau dihilangkan seperti apa dan kalau tidak dihilangkan seperti apa."

one of my favorite page
Finished reading For Nadira by Leila S. Chudori translated by Jennifer Lindsay. For Nadira has nine short stories that tell Nadira in different sides.

As a pessimist, I really enjoy reading For Nadira. There are many things that explained beautifully in nine short stories but there are also many things that not explained well.

This book tells how hurt Nadira to be left by her mom that she thought she's fine, but why did someone who's fine commit suicide? It leaves Nadira and her family big question.

Nadira, then become a gloomy lady. Until one day she finds someone that changes her and the spoiler wont last that long cause you need to read it by yourself :)

Don't think that this is just a so-so book, it is masterpiece by Leila Chudori. It is a book that you must read, it teach you how separation hurt so bad when it is not explained well. It tells you how separation indeed tells you how much you love with someone,

to quote from Andrew belle - In My veins:
"Nothing goes as planned, everything will break
People say goodbye, in their own special way" 


The Boring Choice - A Movie Review + Spoiler of La La Land

When I watched La La Land last year, it was beautiful but I feel a little touch of pessimistic. I think it's beautiful because I like movie with touch of arts, but this just overrated for me. The plot was cliche;

  • Guy met girl
  • Both annoyed each other
  • Both fell in love
  • Become cutest couple
  • Got problem
  • Uncertain about future
  • Both still loves each other, but decide to move on towards different direction
  • Then either of them decide to settle with someone else

And to make it more depressing, there's usually a scene when they meet for one last time & exchange knowing, bittersweet look & end. But this could be ended with happy formula such as in Titanic. This kind of movie, I call it cerita cinta ga kesampaian.

Life is complicated, it's not always guy meets girl, fall in love, together till the end. But there are some of lucky people who experienced that, even so, their lives aren't always be filled with love and happiness. In life, things that seem destinied to be together often don't end up being together. It's bitter, but it's reality :)


Pengalaman Transportasi di Jogja

Ujan melulu akhir-akhir ini,

Rasanya mager banget dan pingin leyeh-leyeh mulu. Dan akhirnya, blog ini tidak terurus padahal maunya sih sebulan minimal dua kali post. Tapi, masih belum kesampaian juga nih.

Sejak pindah ke Jogja, aku belajar untuk jadi lebih mandiri karena disini memang nggak ada siapa-siapa dan nggak mungkin juga kan ngandelin temen terus-terusan, yang ada malah ngerepotin. Soalnya, aku anaknya emang agak nggak enakan gitu sih. Mana aku nggak bisa naik kendaraan bermotor lagi, jadinya mesti nebeng temen kalo ngga jalan kaki atau naik transportasi umum seperti TransJogja atau ojek dan taxi.

Disini, aku mau buat review mengenai pengalaman aku yang udah pernah cobain semua transportasi tersebut. Nggak ada maksud untuk menyudutkan, murni pengalaman dan opini.

Awalnya, aku kemana-mana bareng temen aku naik motor. Dan sebenarnya, di Jogja jugalah aku rutin naik motor. Jadi, waktu pertama tuh mesti pegangan di pengangan belakang motor terus kalau ngebut bawaannya pingin teriak mulu, walopun nggak. Kemudian, belilah helm coklat yang ada kacamatanya sampai akhirnya helm itu di curi di Sheraton Hotel, Yogyakarta.

Agak lebay kalau aku nulisnya Kasus Pencurian Sheraton Hotel Yogyakarta. Tapi ya memang termasuk kasus pencurian juga sih, cuma aku gamau gede-gedein aja sih. Tapi, sekalian mau cerita ya. Jadi waktu itu ada seminar Kompas tentang Public Relations, aku tertarik dan daftar deh. Tempatnya di Sheraton, acara dimulai dari pagi sampai sore. Dapat makan dan foto bareng Pak Tony Paltrow cuma akunya jelek atau si bapak nya terlalu cakeb. Yah pokoknya gitu, selesai acara ke parkiran masih gerimis dan helm aku sudah nggak ada..

Gimana ini nanti pulangnya? Kondisi nya ujan, nggak sama helm kesayangan. Aku bilang satpam yang jaga di depan dan dia malah bilang apa ya, aku lupa cuma buat aku dan temen aku yang ikut seminar tuh mangkel. Kok pelayanannya gini? Meskipun aku ngga bayar uang parkir kok gini? Katanya hotel berbintang, tapi kok gini? Aku mikir kaya gitu, kemudian aku ke dalam hotel terus bilang kronologisnya dan satpam nya dipanggil dan dimarahin, di bentak-bentak begitu. Nggak enak sebenernya sama si satpam, soalnya aku ngga suka kalau ada ornga dibentak-bentak. Pulang aku dipinjemin helm sama bapak satpam yang lain. Kecewa sih tapi mau gimana lagi. Beli helm baru mau nggak mau.