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Check In Online Yay Or Nay?

Kalau ke bandara sekarang pasti sering lihat self check in kan. Sebenarnya kalau dilihat-lihat check in online ini banyak nilai lebihnya dibanding harus ngantri panjang, apalagi kalau mepet. Duuuh rasa-rasanya deg-deg an takut ditinggal pesawat.

Tapi, aku share pengalaman ketika check in online Air Asia yaa.. dan pengalaman ini buat aku kapok buat check in online lagi. Walaupun banyak keuntungan dari check in online sendiri, tapi pastikan kalau kamu check in online kamu bukan merupakan salah satu dari list yang maskapainya tidak perbolehkan untuk check in secara online, misalnya untuk Garuda:

  • Penumpang group booking (lebih dari 9 orang)
  • Bayi dibawah 2 tahun yang tidak menempati tempat duduk
  • Penumpang yang butuh bantuan khusus di bandara; hamil, anak-anak dibawah 12 tahun, butuh kursi roda etc etc.

Tiap maskapai berbeda, bisa dicari sendiri yaa, yang Garuda versi lengkapnya bisa klik disini. Tapi kurang lebih sama kok, Air Asia kemarin juga mirip-mirip listnya, yang aku inget kalau bawa bagasi tidak disarankan check in online.

Walaupun akhirnya, ketika aku check in online.. pun aku tetep naro bagasi he he..


Sweet Escape

Born and raised in Indonesia, but I never taste Bali. Here's my short getaway how to spent a week before final exam full of assignments, well supposedly I studied and do the piles of homeworks but, sigh, I decided to escape. nahh, don't worry, I already finish it sih, although there are few exams I need to do until I can go back and taste the peaceful air.. No homework, no more anak kosan, months of holiday duuude! Anyway, here are some of my snaps with a little touch of dyla to follow.

Went camping with the boys, no preparation at all, it was quick decision and it was raining so.. yeah I was freezing. But it was fun and I'm glad to meet them! I did stupid thing sih as usual, such as numpahin pop mie.. How on earth someone flip their noodle? Well, actually I did few times sih, lol. The place we went was Danau Buyan, it was beautiful and if you want to go there you need to pay IDR 10.000 for each person. But.. make sure you bring sunblock because when the sun shines, it was so hot. Hmm, yeah welcome to Bali. It was soo hot and crowded but I left a piece of my heart there. there is something about Bali that makes me want to visit it again and again..


Mermaid and Coral

21 April 2016
at Watu Kodok

I rarely consider beach on my vacation list. I am more into mountain person, I like tranquil, intense and dark place, rather than sun exposure place. It's not because I hate being tan, I just don't know what to do there.. Swim? Make a sandcastle? But then I went to beach in Yogyakarta, it's Watu Kodok.


An Instagram Post This Morning (Sancaka Pagi)

Back to school after skipping 3 days.
& this was my first time riding train by myself.
(Taken by my phone & uploaded in Instagram)

ps. yesterday, a rector from a university that I apply asked me my blog's url. So I gave her mine. And I guess I need to write although it's only a little like this. And I hope I get accepted to all university that I have applied, so it's not hard for me to find any. Because nowadays, smart is not the only key to get accepted. There are some things to be considered, eg: luck, hard work, prayer & strategies.


Date: September 9 - 23
Place: Oxford

Hi guises, how you doing? These few days I've been busy because home works and stuffs that left behind for a month. I feel sorry for myself, because I let myself go down by the numbers that showed after midterm. I almost nail it up got 7/9 and I myself can't help it. I mean, my lability seems still running in my soul. When I stuck at something, I keep force myself to find the way how it will be. How it will work. But, the fact that sometimes I just dropped my